Psychotherapy in the Natural World: Healing ourselves and our planet

Psychotherapy in the Natural World: Healing ourselves and our planet

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September 2019
Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

With speakers Angela Cotter, Mike Delaney, Marian Dunlea, Shirley Gleeson, Joanne Hanrahan, Matthew Henson, Lucy O’Hagan

For millennia people have travelled to “the valley of the two lakes” to deepen their connection with nature, a beautiful place in the Wicklow Mountains that inspires a sense of ancient worship, the numinous and the wild. This conference is an opportunity to come back to these roots with other psychotherapists to explore different ways in which we can enrich and expand our therapy practice. Together we will be thinking and experiencing our way back to our ancestral selves in an understanding of the other-than-human world and all that it provides us with.

Our speakers will offer inspiring talks and workshops about integrating our work in the rest of nature; on orienting ourselves within our ecosystem so that we can draw on the self-regulating properties of our bodies, psyches and the world that surrounds us. Body therapy, forest dreaming, Celtic myths, and the use of horses in healing will all be explored in both presentations and experiential sessions. Sessions on foraging and ritual or shamanic practices will also be offered.

We will also be considering what psychotherapy practice means in a time of environmental crisis. How can we draw on these ancient wisdoms to ground ourselves sufficiently to work with environmental anxieties without being overwhelmed? While our young people are directly expressing their fear for their future and the future of our planet, what intelligence and knowledge can the psychotherapy profession bring to help us with this?

“Hemmed round by rationalistic walls, we are cut off from the eternity of nature.”
C. J. Jung (Collected Works, Volume 8. Pp 380-381)


The Glendalough Hotel
Co. Wicklow