About Marian

Marian DunleaMarian Dunlea (MSc) is a Jungian analyst and head of training in BodySoul Europe, part of the Marion Woodman Foundation. She is a Somatic Experiencing Trauma therapist based in the west of Ireland and is the creator of Bodydreaming™.

Her background includes a Masters in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy; Dip. Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, Infant Observation Supervisor.
She is a core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation and facilitates workshops nationally and internationally.

She has taught in psychotherapy training institutes and on University programs.

Marian’s work reflects her training and experience in Jungian Psychology, BodySoul Rhythms, Trauma Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Authentic Movement, Voice Work, Theatre and Embodied Dream Work.

She has a particular interest in bridging the archetypal energies of the ancient landscape with the body’s neural pathways/ Storylines.



“How can we tell the dancer from the dance?” W.B. Yeats

This is body/soul work, not body and soul work. It’s not a dualistic system. With the developments in Neuroscience we now have proof of what Jung said that ‘psyche (soul) and soma (body) are two aspects of one and the same thing’. We listen to our bodies,tracking the energy in our body, sensing where it moves freely and where it is stuck in symptom. We build a new relationship to our bodies and begin to heal where trauma has held us in old patterns. We experience new pathways of energy opening and moving in our bodies.

In BodySoul work we give expression to this energy through many right brain activities : voice work, art, movement, mask making. We work with psyche, as we pay attention to our dreams that are weaving us in and through the body exploration and the new pathways that open in the dialogue between dream and body. Working with the images from the dreams in this way we see that the dream is the guide that offers new possibilities for living an embodied authentic life.

We are building a new and conscious container in our bodies, attuned to psyche’s guiding. We begin to experience compassion for ourselves and a depth of gratitude for psyche’s energy that is constantly trying to bring us toward wholeness. The life long unfolding of this process Jung calls individuation, the journey to becoming who we are meant to be.