The Marion Woodman Foundation presents:
A BodySoul Intensive – Dunderry, Ireland
July 4th – 11th 2016

Where the Water Meets the Sky:

Illuminating the Unique Partnership of the Feminine and the Masculine in the embodied Dance of Consciousness

with Marian Dunlea, Sue Congram and Sheila Langston

Where the Water Meets the Sky

There’s a point at which one must start caring
Where one fixes one’s vision on high
Don a mantle of vision and daring
Tis where the water meets the sky
– David Whalen

The pathway toward wholeness requires an embodied consciousness of both the feminine and the masculine energies. How do these energies move in both our body and in our psyche ? With a focus on the inner relationship between the feminine and the masculine in this intensive, we will explore how these opposites move us, shape our nervous system responses and guide us in the outer world, and in our relationships. We will work to restore a healthy dynamic between this creative duo using dreams, myth, mask-making, the body, voice and art.

This workshop will be based on the teachings of Jung, Woodman, Neuroscience and Attachment theory, as well as integrating body and voice, in order to encourage new life to emerge from the depths. The morning work will include BodyDreaming™ – a somatic approach to embodying the dream, and a story telling of the Psyche and Eros myth, and the relevant theory that underpins the BodySoul teachings.

The afternoons will be dedicated to body and voice work to open in a gentle way the innate wisdom buried in the musculature, tissue and cells of our bodies. The evening sessions will focus on the mask-making process, where we each slowly create a mask as a means of giving form and dimension to what is emerging from the unconscious in our psyche and soma. We will learn particular techniques of how to bring the mask to life, giving it breath, movement and voice.

Marian DunleaMarian Dunlea
Marian is a Jungian analyst from Ireland and core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation. For the past few years Marian has been based in Zurich where she offered workshops on BodyDreaming ™ to analysts and students. She is researching and writing on BodyDreaming™, her innovative approach to working with the interface between psyche and soma. Her trainings in psychotherapy include Jungian Analytical Psychology, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis, Somatic Experiencing and Infant Observation. She facilitates groups internationally, working with BodyDreaming™, mask, myth, and the Celtic seasonal cycle.

Sue_CongramSue Congram
Sue is a core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation and as a Gestalt specialist teaches practitioners in therapy, theatre and business. As a business and organisation consultant, Sue completed a PhD in 2013 where she researched the dynamic field of leadership. This inspired new approaches to leadership introducing the idea of the deep Masculine and deep Feminine. Inspired by arts-based learning as a transformative process, her clients describe her as creative and inspirational. Sue lives in the UK, and works across Europe. She has published books, papers and chapters on leadership, coaching, supervision and Gestalt, her most recent, a co-authored publication titled Engendering Balance: a fresh approach to leadership. Find out more at and

Sheila LangstonSheila Langston
Sheila Langston, Chair of the Marion Woodman Foundation (MWF ) Curriculum Committee has been working with the team in presenting the MWF Intensives in Ireland for ten years. Sheila is based in Vancouver, Canada and has 30 years’ experience as a voice and movement instructor with young actors who are striving for authentic expression in voice and body as they prepare for a career in theatre, film and television. With creative roots in theatre and dance, and with a foundation in Jungian analytical psychology she brings depth and a wealth of experience to her workshop teaching. She has co-led MWF workshops in Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. Sheila runs study groups in myth and fairy tales, and shows how these stories give meaning to our modern lives. Find out more at

For more information and details about this BodySoul Intensive, please go to: Where the Water Meets the Sky: Ireland 2016.