Workshop Title | Mask Workshop, On-Going Professional Development Group – Module 5

Venue | Boghill Center, The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland

Date | Module 5: September 16th – 19th 2010

Workshop Description |

An invitation to all those who have completed a minimum of 3 previous Mask Workshops or equivalent

Join us as we work with our Shadow Masks, through dialogue and practise, to discover what it means to live more fully into the energy and the mystery they hold.

We will look at ways to work with the masks, through exercises and improvisations.  You are asked to bring a mask which was made in a previous Phase 1, to deepen your connection and consciousness around this particular aspect of shadow

Facilitators | Marian Dunlea, Jungian Analyst, will co-facilitate this module with Sheila Langston.

Contact | For more information or to register your place, contact the administrator at the new email address:

mariandunleaworkshops AT gmail DOT com