Marian is a Jungian analyst from Ireland and core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation. In recent years, Marian was based in Zurich where she offered workshops on BodyDreaming ™ to analysts and students.
She is now researching and completing her book on BodyDreaming™, an innovative approach to working dynamically with the psyche and soma interface. Her book, which will be published this year, brings together her trainings in psychotherapy including Jungian Analytical Psychology, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis, Infant Observation combined with the body oriented therapy and training in Somatic Experiencing and BodySoul Rhythms.
She facilitates groups internationally, working with BodyDreaming™, mask, myth, and the Celtic seasonal cycle.

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A Marion Woodman Foundation Community Workshop

13th – 18th June 2017
Led by Sue Congram & Marian Dunlea

At the traditional & charming SKITES Hotel, Ouranoupolis, Chalkidiki
Northern Greece



This workshop uses BodyDreaming™, active imagination, movement, voice work, mask and art to explore the as yet ‘unlived life’ — becoming more of the person that you were born to be.

Skites is beautifully situated and ideally suited to this kind of exploration. We work under a canopy of trees, overlooking the sea, supported by the beauty of nature. There we awaken to our body’s wisdom, listen to our dreams and give expression to this new energy in the creation of a mask.

We have developed this popular workshop through our wide experience as practitioners, informed by the teachings and trainings we have both engaged in for over 30 years – Jungian Analytical Psychology, Gestalt, BodySoul Rhythms of the Marion Woodman Foundation and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training.


“You must give birth to your images.
They are the future waiting be born !”
Rainer Maria Rilke




Men and women who are engaged in their own personal work and want to inquire more deeply.

People who have worked with masks and want to explore more fully the relationship between mask work and dreams.

People who are professionally engaged in working with the development of others and interested in learning about the process of ‘active imagination’ using dreams, art, body, voice and mask work.

Greece-Workshop-2017Couples have benefitted enormously from attending this workshop together, however this is not an event for remedial work on relationships that are breaking down, but an opportunity for deepening your own self understanding in a shared space.



ACCOMMODATION http://www.skites.grGreece-Workshop-2017
Skites is a delightful villa set in its own grounds on the coast of Northern Greece. With private access to the sea and private beach, this venue offers a wonderful space for personal reflection and relaxation.Greece-Workshop-2017



The programme will start at 18:00 on the 13th June, ending after dinner on the 18th June.

On this workshop you will discover how to work with dreams through image and bodywork, you will explore your deeperself through active imagination, movement and voice, you will make a mask that symbolises an unlived part of yourself, exploring how to live the new energy that arises from your inner work.

If you have already made a mask, you may wish to bring it and work more deeply with it instead of making a new one. The unlived life of your mask may still be calling you, how might it be for you to explore the mask energy in new and different ways, opening yourself to a deeper calling that is yet to be discovered?



Marion Woodman once told a story of a dreamer, dreaming of a caged bird lying forgotten in the attic.

On retrieving the bird the dreamer hears its voice
“I only wanted to sing my song”.


You will be asked to bring a number of items such as a journal and soft pastels.
We will contact you nearer the time to provide you with full details of these requirements along with travel information from Thessaloniki to Skites.


Sue and Marian bring together a unique combination of knowledge, skills, experience and creative inspiration to this event. They have both completed the Leadership Programme with Marion Woodman, run by the Marion Woodman Foundation.

Sue_CongramSue Congram PhD CPsychol. GPO-EAGT,  is a founder of the Leaderful Women Project, working in-depth with senior level women to ‘illuminate the eclipsed’ in their leadership. Sue is an experienced business development psychologist, and Founding director of Engendering Balance, a consultancy working with leading edge learning in leadership, based on her PhD research. Sue teaches Gestalt in Scandinavia, Greece and the UK and supervises students on theses for diploma qualifications.

She is on the core faculty of the Marion Woodman Foundation. Sue has published five books and numerous papers and chapters on diversity, strategy, coaching supervision and psychology.


Marian Dunlea

Marian Dunlea MSc, ICP, ISJA, IAAP, Jungian Analyst, Trauma Therapist, Core faculty of the Marion Woodman Foundation.

Director and Trainer of the BodySoul Leadership Training Programme in Europe. Creator of BodyDreaming™, an innovative approach to therapy that integrates somatic perspectives and Jungian analytical psychology. She teaches seminars and workshops internationally and is currently awaiting the publication of her book.


Early Bird Rate: £ 575 / € 675 paid before 25th March 2017
Standard Rate: £ 650 / € 750 paid before 31st May 2017

A £175 / €200 deposit is required to secure a place on the Workshop. The deposit is non-returnable.

This is a popular workshop, we recommend early booking.

All workshop bookings can made at by emailing or phoning either of the Leaders;

Sue Congram (UK) suecongram [at] mac [dot] com
Tel 0044 (0) 1981 580040
Mob 0044 7837 036051
Marian Dunlea (Ireland) mariandunleaworkshops [at] gmail [dot] com
Tel 00353 8797 90677
(Please just click on either of the email addresses above and it will resolve correctly for you)


All rooms are en-suite, air conditioned and many with balconies and sea views. The reasonable cost of this venue includes breakfast.
You will be required to book your accommodation yourself by emailing:
Karin Bohn (Greece) info [at] skites [dot] gr
(Please just click on the email address above and it will resolve correctly for you)

You will need a minimum of 6 nights – arriving 13th and leaving 19th June.
Extra stay either side of the workshop can be booked at the same room rates.


ROOM OCCUPANCY Per night with breakfast (Euros)
Twin with garden view One person or two sharing Before 25th March – €90
After that – €105
Upper floor room with sea view One person or two sharing Before 25th March – €110
After that – €145

Greece-Workshop-2017MEAL CHARGES

Breakfast is included in the accommodation charge.
We have a special rate that allows us to enjoy Skites excellent Mediterranean lunch and dinner, cooked and presented freshly to the tables in the Garden Restaurant. This is €25 per day covering both lunch and dinner. We will have a celebratory dinner on the Sunday night and this will be an additional €15.






A 50% deposit from the total reservation (accommodation & meals) is required upon reservation; the outstanding balance is due on departure.

The accommodation and meals served during the Workshop should be paid within the final hotel bill by card (Skites accept: Visa, MasterCard and Maestro).

Skites would appreciate to be paid cash for all extras consumed in the bar & restaurant

Transfers to/from Thessaloniki

Skites is around 140 km from Thessaloniki. There is a bus service from Thessaloniki. Skites can also arrange a taxi from the town or the Airport.

Accommodation Cancellation Fees
Less than 21 days before arrival: 50% of total
Less than 7 days before arrival: 100% of total
No show or early departure: 100% of total



greek key pattern


A workshop with Jungian Analyst Marian Dunlea, IAPA, IFPP, ICP

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March 2017
Saturday 6-9 pm, Sunday 10 – 5 pm
Venue : Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April 2017
Saturday 6-9 pm, Sunday 10 – 5 pm
Venue : Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland


Except for the point, the still point
there would be no dance
and there is only the dance.
T.S. Eliott

This workshop will introduce BodyDreaming™, an approach that includes affect regulation as core to the healing process, whether we are working directly with trauma in explicit memory or indirectly in implicit memory.  In the workshop we will develop skills in felt sense awareness and attunement that help to deepen and embody the experience of the dynamic ‘still point’. The regulating process helps to loosen the grip of our complexes, creating new neural pathways that enable us to move more freely between places of activation and deactivation, expansion and contraction in our bodies and psyches. While working our dreams, images and narratives we will explore the Jungian view of the Self as the guiding principle which is dreaming us and is rooting us in nature – our nature and nature around us.

BodyDreaming™ has grown out of my experience as a therapist practicing with clients individually and in groups. The work is deeply informed by Jungian psychology, Attachment theory, Neuroscience and the integrative somatic therapies including BodySoul work, Authentic Movement and Somatic Experiencing Trauma therapy.

Dates :
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March 2017
Saturday 6-9 pm, Sunday 10 – 5 pm
Venue : Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland
Fee Euro 180.00
CPD 9 Hours

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April 2017
Saturday 6-9 pm, Sunday 10 – 5 pm
Venue : Clonlea Yoga Studios, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland
Fee Euro 180.00
CPD 9 Hours

For further information
Marian Dunlea: mariandunleaworkshops [at] gmail [dot] com
(Please just click on the email address and it will resolve correctly for you)

Lectures and Seminars at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich
Winter Semester 2017
February 2017

C. G. Jung Institute Zurich

Marian presented the following lectures at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich during the WINTER 2017 Semester
(From Monday 20th to Friday 24th February 2017)



With Marian Dunlea and Wendy Bratherton
November 11-13th 2016
The Ammerdown Centre, Radstock,BA3SW,UK

“We come of age as masks / Our true face never speaks.” Rilke

Marian and Wendy invite you to come and create a clay mask at Samhain, the time of year when the Cailleach, the Old Hag of Winter, makes her descent into the Underworld to incubate the seeds of the new life that will emerge at Imbolc, the Celtic spring.

We meet the Cailleach at the threshold of Winter in working with the damp, dark, clay – learning to trust our impulses, listening to our dream images, feeling our senses engage with the prima materia of the raw clay. The mask begins to reveal herself and we begin to relate to the mask energy, the hidden face of the feminine.



Using a combination of Qigong and Craniosacral work we will deepen into our bodies to see how our energy is moving and resonating at this time in the year’s cycle. The body work will prepare us to meet a body of “matter”- the clay and to make contact with the Cailleach energy.

BodyDreamingConsciousness™ is a way of working with dreams and images that tracks the pathways in the body where the energy of the dream is held. It invites us into the place of healing between body and dream, where old traumas, symptoms and complexes hold fast in the neural pathways of the body. When supported, the body may be ready to reveal the mystery of the dream image and open to new possibilities and wholeness.

Come to the Ammerdown Samhain workshop to discover the mask that will take you into Winter, be your guide and companion in the times of descent and incubation.

Marian DunleaMarian Dunlea is a Jungian analyst from Ireland and core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation. She is in the process of completing her book on BodyDreaming Consciousness™, her innovative approach to working with the interface between psyche and soma. Her trainings in psychotherapy include Jungian Analytical Psychology, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy and Infant Observation. She facilitates groups internationally.


Wendy BrathertonWendy Bratherton is a Jungian analyst and supervisor, who integrates BodySoul work and Craniosacral Therapy into her practice. She has facilitated Infant Observation Seminars for 18 years, for the Society of Analytical Psychology in London. She has trained in trauma work with Babette Rosthschild. Previously she taught Ceramics.



For further details please contact Ana Kirby at: bodydreaming [at] gmail [dot] com

(Please just click on the above email address and it will resolve correctly for you)

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