Marian, in New York, receiving the 2019 Gradiva award resented by the World Organisation and Pubic Education Corporation of the National Association for Psychoanalysis for the her book BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma an Embodied Therapeutic Approach.

I am delighted to let you know that my book BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: An Embodied Therapeutic Approach has won the 2019 Gradiva Award, NAAP (the World Organization and Public Education Corporation of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis).

Each year, NAAP acknowledges the literary and artistic achievements of those who have created works that represent and promote psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.
There were 50 entrants and 6 finalists in the Best Book category.

I am very happy that BodyDreaming, an approach which integrates somatic, Jungian and psychoanalytic theory and practice has won this prestigious award.

National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis


BodyDreaming Book Cover

BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma
An Embodied Therapeutic Approach
by Marian Dunlea

Published June 2019: 234×156: 320pp (1st Edition)

Innovative and practical, and with a foreword by Donald Kalsched, BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: An Embodied Therapeutic Approach will be essential reading for psychotherapists, analytical psychologists and therapists with a Jungian background, arts therapists, dance and movement therapists, and body workers interested in learning how to work with both body and psyche in their practices.



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BodyDreaming: Integrating body, mind and psyche in the treatment of developmental trauma

BodyDreaming: Integrating body, mind and psyche in the treatment of developmental trauma

Saturday 28 March 2020 – London


6th Floor, Foyles Bookshop
107 Charing Cross Road

A one-day workshop led by Marian Dunlea

In this training workshop, Marian will guide participants through her embodied therapeutic approach, BodyDreaming™, which explores the interconnection of body, mind and psyche and provides a theoretical and practical guide for working with early developmental trauma.

The method aims to restore the balance of a dysregulated psyche and nervous system and to activate innate healing capacities, through which we can see how it is possible to change our default responses to trauma of “fight, flight, freeze” and to create new neural pathways. This methodology integrates analytical psychology, attachment theory, trauma theory, somatic and neuro-scientific theories and is useful for psychotherapists, art, dance and movement therapists, and body workers interested in learning how to work with body and psyche.

For more information and to book online, PLEASE CLICK HERE >>>

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BodyDreaming and MASK Workshop - 9th June - 14th June 2020 - GREECE

BodyDreaming and MASK Workshop – GREECE 2020



9th June – 14th June 2020

Arrive 8th June – depart 15th June

Led by Sue Congram, Marian Dunlea and Pauline Sayhi

At the traditional and charming SKITES Hotel, Ouranoupolis, Chalkidiki
Northern Greece


This workshop will guide you through an in-depth process that includes BodyDreaming, Mask Work, Expressive Arts, Guided Reflection, Movement and Dance, where the way of discovery aims to bring that which is formless – perceived perhaps in ‘hints and guesses’ (T.S.Elliot) – into form, in the creation of a mask.
In response to participant feedback we have included an extra half day in this workshop for 2020.


The Workshop

BodyDreaming and MASK Workshop 2020 - GREECEMASK WORK

The aim of the mask work is to bring into form – into life – aspects of yourself that are not fully lived. The mask reveals more clearly ‘hints and guesses’ that come to you, aspects of yourself that, for a variety of reasons you have not been able to fully live in yourself. The mask becomes metaphor and agent for new discovery.

One of the greatest joys of this particular mask process is that the mask is shaped on your face (a part or whole mask), holding the unique blueprint of your personal origin- form—that is, aligned to your deep self and roots of origin. Once ‘out there’, transformation begins.

We engage a range of processes that free up spontaneity and bring into form what is becoming enlivened in you, in a new and fresh way. This process is enriched by the collective dynamics of the group, the delightful space of the olive garden overlooking the sea, and the mythological land of Greece, where the group energy and the co- created ‘imaginal’ field, heighten discovery.

Your mask then becomes a mirror, a voice, a resonance, a resource, for meaning-making, at the workshop and after you take it home with you.



Movement and dance will be part of working together in ‘Bringing Formless to Form’. As we retreat from busy life we will begin by allowing our bodies to slow down, so that we all feel safe and connected enough to remain interested and curious about new, emerging experiences.

Drawing on the folk traditions of The Middle East and North Africa we will explore our relationship to gravity and space, gradually increasing the flow of energy in compressed tissues, musculature and bones.

In line with the ideas of Winnicott, who believed that only when we are absorbed in playing are we closer to our ‘true selves’, on this workshop we provide opportunities for creativity and play; creating the conditions for images to arise, for spontaneous movements to happen, to track the sensations in the body, and work from the inside out to open to new form.

We will follow a rhythm of daily movement to inspire the mask work and explore your deeper inner self.



BodyDreaming is an integral part of the mask making process, offering tools to help create greater tolerance in our nervous system responses so that we can be more present in the ‘here and now’, towards what is presenting as ‘new’. This openness to new experience is not guaranteed and old defences may surface in the face of creativity.

By paying attention to our dream images and the resonance we feel with them in our bodies, we uncover where old patterns and defences lie and where the new impulse, or energy may be stirring in our bodies.

Through BodyDreaming we learn to build greater capacity to receive the new image, so that the creative process is not experienced as overwhelming. Learning inner and outer attunement, felt-sense and tracking, we co-regulate ourselves in the environment of the olive garden.

We come to meet the archetypal energy with greater ease, play and depth. Bringing the formless to form, we come home to ourselves in mask.


BodyDreaming and MASK Workshop 2020 - GREECEWorkshop and Accommodation Pricing

Note: 9th June, 10 am start – 14th June, evening finish (arrive 8th June, depart 15th June)

The cost of this 6-day workshop is divided into Workshop Fees (payable to Sue or
Marian) and Accommodation Costs (payable directly to Skites).


Early Bird Rate: 990 Euros to be fully paid by 25th March

Standard Rate: 1100 Euros to be fully paid by 1st May

A 200 Euro deposit is required to secure a place on the workshop. This deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation fees: up to 15th April, deposit only; 16th April – 8th May, 50% of fee (if we can fill the place, deposit only); thereafter full payment is due (if we can fill the place, deposit only).

ALL-INCLUSIVE ACCOMMODATION costs for the duration of the workshop range from:

580 Euros per person (shared occupancy – ground floor room)

980 Euros – 1190 Euros (single occupancy), depending on your choice of room
(ground floor or sea view).

A limited number of rooms have been allocated for sharing.

‘All-inclusive’ includes breakfast/mid-morning coffee/lunch/dinner, from the morning of the 9th through to breakfast on the 15th June. A 50% deposit will be required on reserving your room, this will be payable directly to Skites. The balance will be due on arrival at Skites. All further information will be provided in an email from Skites, once you have booked your workshop place.



Email Vicky Smith: VickyCSmith [at] aol [dot] com with ‘Greece workshop 2020’ as the subject heading, telling her that you would like to book onto the workshop. She will send you a booking form, arrange for payment of your deposit and let the venue know, who will then contact you about your accommodation reservation.

You can download the Course Flyer in PDF format >>HERE<<

If you wish to speak to Marian or Sue about the workshop they can be contacted at:

Sue Congram (UK)
suecongram [at] mac [dot] com
Tel 0044 7837 036051

Marian Dunlea (Ireland)
mariandunlea [at] gmail [dot] com
Tel 00353 (87) 979 0677

(Please just click on the email addresses above and they should resolve correctly for you)

This popular workshop is in its 14th year. Numbers are limited. To avoid disappointment we encourage you to book early.


Course Leaders

Dr Sue CongramDr Sue Congram CPsychol. GPO-EAGT, is a Founder- Director of the EB Centre for Balance and Inclusivity in Leadership; a consultancy working with progressive leadership practices in national and global companies.
Her PhD research explored the deeper social and cultural layers that underpin leadership, with a focus on masculinised and feminised practices, providing the basic concepts for the EB Centre.
As a highly experienced Gestalt practitioner she has taught Gestalt in the UK and overseas, bringing field dynamics, embodied awareness, relational intelligence, in-depth development, expressive arts and creativity, into her practice and teachings. As a core faculty of the Marion Woodman Foundation she ran many BodySoul Rhythms intensives with Marian Dunlea and Sheila Langston.
Sue has authored, co-authored and co-edited many books, chapters and papers on leadership, coaching, supervision, diversity, Jung in education, and psychology in practice. She is an artist and keen photographer.

Marian DunleaMarian Dunlea M.Sc., IAAP, ICP, is a Jungian analyst and somatics practitioner who has been leading workshops internationally for the past 25 years integrating body, mind and soul.
Her recently published book, BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma an Embodied Approach, has been awarded 2019 Gradiva award, in the Best Book category for the World Organization and Public Education Corporation of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis.
BodyDreaming incorporates developments in neuroscience, trauma therapy, and attachment theory with Jungian psychology, and the phenomenological standpoint of interconnectedness.
Her trainings include Jungian Analysis, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Infant Observation Supervision, BodySoul Rhythms Leadership Training and Somatic Experiencing.

Pauline SayhiPauline Sayhi Cert Ed., DMP is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and worked for 20 years in Mental Health. She taught Arabic dance for 20 years and also has a background in Authentic Movement.
She is a Dream Guide and has completed 3 years of advanced training in Dream Work at CCPE in London. She is currently training as a Retreat Guide in the Inayati Sufi Order. She facilitates workshops on Reclaiming the Divine feminine as well as BodySoul Movement.
Pauline has completed the leadership programme at the MWF with Marion Woodman, and she trained in trauma with Babette Rothschild.


BodyDreaming and MASK Workshop - 9th June - 14th June 2020 - GREECE


Travelling to Greece: you will need to fly into Thessaloniki. (Book your flight to arrive 8th June and depart 15th June)

We will provide further briefing when you book.

It will tell you:

how to get to Skites from Thessaloniki

what to expect during the week

what to bring

precise start and finish times

sharing taxis to and from Thessaloniki


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Somatics and Leadership Symposium December 7th 2019, Dance Limerick

Somatics and Leadership Symposium
December 7th 2019, Dance Limerick


“Becoming Embodied Change Agents in an Evolving World”


An ISMETA 30th Anniversary Event


On December 7th 2019, the first Irish Somatics symposium will be held in Dance Limerick, St. Johns Square. This symposium brings together diverse practitioners from the fields of somatic therapy and education, somatic psychology, dance movement therapy/psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, BMC, authentic movement, and members of the performance community who are working with somatic forms.

The particular focus of this symposium will be embodied leadership: how stepping further into our individual and collective empowerment can have a regenerative influence in Irish life; expanding our influence in wider spheres such as performance, health, therapy, education, politics and environmentalism. This symposium gathers together for the first time pioneers and participants in the fields of Somatics in Ireland. It aims to foster a community of somatic practitioners who wish to explore possibilities for furthering our professional reach and influence.

Hosted by SOMETI (Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Ireland) and supported by ISMETA (International Somatic Movement, Education and Therapy Association) and DANCE LIMERICK.

Guest speakers/facilitators:

Joan Davis (Sensory-motor psychotherapist and founder of the Origins training)
Dr. Róisín O’Gorman (Lecturer, Department of Theatre, UCC).
Marion Dunlea (Jungian and SE psycho-therapist and author of ‘Body-Dreaming’)
Bernadette Divilly (DMP, Somatic Psychologist and Choreographic Artist)
Aisling Richmond ( Somatic therapist, PhD Psychology and Leadership candidate).
Mary Nunan (Founding member of Daghdha Dance Company)

Admission: free, registration required
Times: 10 am- 6pm

For further information, please contact: somaticsireland [at] gmail [dot] com
(Just click on the email address above and it will resolve correctly for you)

The Subject is DREAMING

The Subject is DREAMING -THE IFPP CONGRESS Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Marian Dunlea – Ross Skelton – Ann Murphy – Donna Redmond – Rob Weatherill

10AM – 5PM


This one day seminar is dedicated to exploring and discussing ideas and concepts about the nature of dreaming, its significance in our lives and its significance in terms of our mental wellbeing. The seminar will be complimented by an exhibition of art by Patricia Fitzgerald and Helen O Connell. The paintings and sculpture will serve to provide visual representations of spoken dreamscapes.

The significance of dreaming can be traced throughout historical, religious and anthropological archives. Records of dream interpretations appear in writings as far back as the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, in the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian tradition and in aboriginal, Mexican and native American culture.

We may dismiss our dreams, be alarmed by nightmares or consult dream dictionaries to decipher their meanings but we are not unaware of the fact that we dream and are often confounded by them. Are dreams a portal to another realm, the royal road to the unconscious mind as Sigmund Freud described or simply an artifact of night time brain activity, a neural activity filing away and storing the memories of the day?

The seminar will be of interest not only to professionals working in the area of mental health and wellbeing but also to anyone with an interest in the topic.

The Irish Forum of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IFPP) are hosting this seminar to mark their annual congress. 6 CPD points have been awarded for the day by the Irish Council of Psychotherapy (ICP).

The day will be led by Marian Dunlea, Ross Skelton, Anne Murphy, Donna Redmond and Rob Weatherill.

For further information and booking form, please click here

The Irish Forum of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IFPP)



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